PowerVolt Announces the Industry’s First Configurable Industrial/Machine Control Transformer


October 2, 2017 Over 15 years of experience in the world of industrial control transformers, we have developed deep insight into standard configurations available.

PowerVolt has now taken our lessons - learned to offer our series of UR/cUR recognized, customizable control transformers to help you find the right product for your application, consolidate existing part numbers and improve your inventory management (that can means significant savings to you).


We have hundreds of combinations available to you. Due to the high amount of combinations, we will build to order based on your request. Minimum orders may apply and typical lead time are 4 - 6 weeks. Prices start at $12.00 in high volume.


Our control transformers are UR/cUR recognized and CE marked. European style Finger safe terminals are standard on our models (no need for additional covers and fuse puller kits).


Options include “CC” or “slo-blo” fuses on primary and secondary, lead wires instead of terminal blocks and fuse block covers (with and without indicators).


Custom design and value added services are available upon request. For features, benefits and agency approvals  please visit our Powervolt Products Page for more information.


Please contact your local sales representative, email us at sales@powervolt.com or call us at (+1) 630 – 628 - 9999.