Level VI Energy Efficiency Transformers

Thursday, January 14, 2016


PowerVolt offers Level VI Energy Efficient Transformers, a.k.a. External Power Supply (EPS), as mandated by Level VI US Department of Energy (DOE) 2014 ruling effective February, 2016


PowerVolt is proud to be on the fore-front of innovative solutions based on the voice of our customers and government regulations to improve energy efficiency, contribute to national energy cost reduction and environmental benefits.


We are pleased to announce, that we are able to meet or exceed the requirements of transformers used within Energy Star approved products by complying to the Department of Energy (DOE) 2014 final rule originally published in 2012.


This rules requires EPS (external power supplies) up to 250 Watts, AC to AC with single and multiple outputs, to meet or exceed energy efficiency requirements in active mode. See below links for more information.

  • Click here: for more information on the mandated Energy Efficiency requirements based on nameplate VA rating
  • Click here: for final ruling document, including benefits

If you require our transformer to comply with the DOE Level VI energy efficiency ruling, please inform us at the time of requesting a bid. We will gladly provide you with the accurate part number, minimum efficiency required, our test results and also update the product label to include the required Level VI marking



  • Any apparatus that utilizes an AC to AC (single or multiple output) External Power Supply (EPS), such as a power transformer, rated under 250VA(Watts).


Benefits of Complying to DOE Level VI Energy Efficiency Requirements:

  • Facilitate customer end product compliance to Energy Star marking requirements.
  • Contribute to National Energy Savings.
  • Environmental benefits of energy efficiency.
  • Consumer energy cost savings


Benefits of Using PowerVolt:

  • Highly experience staff of engineers (over 180 yrs. of cumulative design and engineering experience).
  • Standard (off-the-shelf) and custom products.
  • Short lead times on production quantities (stock to two weeks)
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Cost competitive quotes.
  • Global supply chain provides risk-free and reliable product(s) design and delivery.
  • Minority owned/US supplier in support of American Recovery Act.
  • SAM/CCR registered.
  • 2 year standard product warranty.
  • Over 30 years of experience with Class 2 transformers.
  • Leading the industry with cost effective solutions and drop in replacement to competitive brands.
  • Supply chain programs (e.g. Just in Time, Consignment, KanBan) available.


To request product literature please visit us at PowerVolt.com or call us at 630-628-9999.


PowerVolt has been producing quality custom and pre-designed transformers since 1986. Our Quality Policy is simple, and effective:

    A)Compliance to Requirements.
    B)Continual Improvement.
    C)Personal Pride in our Work.

Feel free to take advantage of our standard off-the-shelf models or let us customize a transformer to your particular needs. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.