PowerVolt, Wabash, Ensign Surplus Inventory

Below is a list of surplus inventory for PowerVolt, Wabash Transformer and Ensign Corporation. Please call us at 630-628-9999 or email us at sales@powervolt.com for a quote.

14P-20-512 Transformer 115/230V 20VA 5V@750mA,
14P-20-515 Transformer 115/230V,5/+-15V,20VA
14P-5.OR-1042 Transformer  
86052-06 Transformer 120V 60Hz, 12V
9008.0179.0231 Transformer 780VA 115-40V 50/60Hz
9050.2860.00 Transformer PRI 240/480V; 2 x14V @.05A
9050.3102.00 Transformer 115V 50/60Hz; 4 SEC
9075.2777.00 Transformer  
9075.3166.00 Transformer 13VA (#60247) 24V-13V
9087.2827.00 Transformer PRI C/100/120/200/230VAC;
9100.2529.00 Transformer #111-0318
9100.3048.00 Transformer 115V 60Hz; 24V@5.5A
A012.2976.00 Adapter  HCC # 500-0021-001 (COIL W/#41)
BVA-10AS0.9 Power Supply 10Vdc@0.9A
BVA-12AD1.0-T Power Supply +/-12/15Vdc@1.0/0.8A T
BVA-12AS0.9 Power Supply 12Vdc@0.9A
BVA-12AS0.9 Transformer PwrSply 12Vdc@0.9A 
BVA-12BD1.7-T Power Supply +-12/15Vdc@1.7/1.5A T
BVA-12CS5.1-T Power Supply 12Vdc@5.1A T
BVA-12CS5.1-TOVPF Power Supply 12Vdc@5.1AT, OVP, F
BVA-12DS6.8-T Power Supply 12Vdc@6.8A T
BVA-12ES10.2 Power Supply 12Vdc@10.2A
BVA-15AA0.4 Power Supply +-15Vdc@0.4A
BVA-15AA0.4-T Power Supply +-15Vdc@0.4A T
BVA-15AS0.9 Power Supply 15Vdc@0.9A
BVA-15AS0.9-T Power Supply 15Vdc@0.9AT
BVA-15AS1.5-TOVP Power Supply 15Vdc@1.5A T,OVP,S,F
BVA-15CS4.5 Power Supply 15Vdc@4.5A
BVA-15CS4.5-T Power Supply 15Vdc@4.5A T
BVA-15DS6-T Power Supply 15Vdc@6A T
BVA-15ES9 Power Supply 15Vdc@9A
BVA-24AS0.5-TOVPSF Power Supply 24Vdc@0.5A T,OVP,S,F
BVA-24AS1.2-F Power Supply 24Vdc@1.2A F
BVA-24BS2.4 Transformer PwrSply 24Vdc@2.4A 
BVA-24BS2.4-OVP Power Supply 24Vdc@2.4A OVP
BVA-24DS6.5 Power Supply 24Vdc@6.5A
BVA-24ES7.2-T Power Supply 24Vdc@7.2A T
BVA-28BS2-T Power Supply 28Vdc@2AT
BVA-28DS4 Power Supply 28Vdc@4A
BVA-2AS3-T Power Supply 2Vdc@3A T
BVA-48ES4-480 Power Supply 240/480Vac,48Vdc@4A
BVA-48ES4-480-T Power Supply 240/480Vac,48Vdc@4A T
BVA-512F12T3.4 Power Supply  
BVA-56C12T1.7 Power Supply  
BVA-56D12T1 Power Supply  
BVA-56D12T1-T Power Supply  
BVA-5AD1.5-OVPSFC Power Supply 5Vdc@1.5A OVP,S,F,C
BVA-5AS1.5-OVPT Power Supply 5Vdc@1.5A OVP,T
BVA-5AS1.5-OVPTF Power Supply 5Vdc@1.5A, OVP, T, F
BVA-5AS3-OVPT Power Supply 5Vdc@3A OVP,T
BVA-5DS12-OVPT Power Supply 5Vdc@12A OVP,T
BVA-5ES18-OVP Power Supply 5Vdc@18A OVP
BVA-85E18T1.5 Power Supply 8Vdc@1.5A
BVU-24AU0.6  Transformer PwrSply 25Vdc@0.6A
BVU-24FU25-480 Power Supply 480VAC,24.6Vdc@20A
BVU-24FU6402-2 Power Supply 220/230/240V-2x24Vdc@5A
BVU-48EU4  Transformer PwrSply 48.45Vdc@10A 
BVU-48FU6401-2 Power Supply 220/230/240V-48Vdc@5A
BVU-48GU15 Transformer PwrSply 48Vdc@15A 
BVU-75FU10 Power Supply 58Vdc@10A (75Vdc Output)
BVU-75FU6401-2 Power Supply 220/230/240V-60Vdc@5A
BVU-75FU6402-2 Power Supply 220/230/240V-2x62Vdc@5A
CL40E03-000-VXN  Transformer Xfrmr Class 2 40VA 
DMT16-1500-KAIF Transformer 115/230V; 2x8V@1.5A
DPP-7-24TC  Transformer Xfrmr 56VA 115/230V-2
DRP-18-16W Transformer 115-230V/18V @16A; Leads
DRP-36-6-IRO Transformer PRI: 115/230V,50/60Hz;
DSZ3-36-CAM Transformer (PV#DSZ23-36)
DSZ4-20 Transformer Xfrmr 6VA 115/230V-10 
DSZ4-24  Transformer Xfrmr 6VA 115/230V-12
FZ28-90 Transformer 115/230v; 2x14V @90mA
FZ34-170  Transformer Xfrmr 6VA 115/230V-17 
IP005-2-024  Transformer Xfrmr 5VA 115/230V-12 
IP056-1-536  Transformer Xfrmr 56VA 115V-36VCT
L020-1-712 Transformer Xfrmr 20VA 115/120V-1 
L020-4-712 Transformer Xfrmr 20VA 277V-12.6V
L100-1-710-60HZ  Transformer Xfrmr 100VA 115/120V- 
L100-1A728 Transformer Xfrmr 100VA 120V-28V 
LT050-7-012-06  Transformer Lighting Xfrmr 50VA 277 
LT075-1-012-44  Transformer Lighting Xfr 75VA 120
MT12-350  Transformer Xfrmr 4.4VA 115V-6.3/
MT15-100 Transformer 115V 2x7.5V @200mA
MT24-180-24 Transformer 115V/24V @185mA -5 PCpins
MT24-180B-SS Transformer 115V 24V@180ma with Frame
MT24-35-24 Transformer 24V @ 35mA
MT34-700 Transformer 115V 2x17V@700mA
MT40-600 Transformer 115V 2x20V @600mA
P001-1-010  Transformer Xfrmr 1.1VA 115V-5/10
P001-2-024  Transformer Xfrmr 1.1VA 
P001-2-028 Transformer Xfrmr 1.1VA 
P002-1-020 Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 115V-10/2
P002-1-020   Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 115V-10/2 
P002-1-024  Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 115V-12/2
P002-2-012  Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 115/230V-
P002-2-020 Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA  
P002-2-020-CE  Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 
P002-24-012   Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 24V-6.3/1
P002-24-024  Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 24V-12/24
P002-3-024 Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 230V-12/2
P002-3-024 Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 230V-12/2
P006-2-525 Transformer Xfrmr 6VA 115/230V-25 
P006-4-020  Transformer Xfrmr 6VA 277V-10/20V
P012-3-728  Transformer Xfrmr 12VA 230-240V 2 
P41.80-230ATEC Transformer 100/120/220/240V 50/60Hz
P41-175-28  Transformer Xfrmr 175VA 
PP-3-12W Transformer 115V;12.6VCT @0.2A w/Leads
PP-3-24  Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 115V-24Vc
PP-4-12W Transformer 115; 12.6VCT @ 0.5A
PP-4-36  Transformer Xfrmr 6VA 115V-36Vct
PP-7-24W Transformer 115V/24VCT@2.4A w/Leads
PP-8-24-MOS Transformer 115V 60Hz; 24VAC@5A
PP-8-24W Transformer 115V/24V@4A w/8"Leads
PSH-24-16 Transformer Xfrmr 2.4VA 115V-8/16 
PV5101S Transformer 50VA 240/480V-120V
PV5101W Transformer 50VA 240/480V-120V w/Leads
PV5103W Transformer 100VA; 240/480V - 120V
PV5104S Transformer 150VA; 240/480V-120V
PV5106S Transformer 250VA; 240/480V-120V
PV5107S Transformer 300VA; 240/480V-120V
PV5108S Transformer 350VA; 240/480V-120V
PV5108W Transformer 350VA 240/480-120V w/ Fuse
PV5109W Transformer 500VA 240/480V-120V w/Leads
PV5111S Transformer 1000VA 240/480V-120V
PV5336S Transformer 250VA 208/380V-115V
PV5495S Transformer 24VA 115V-24V
PV5571S Transformer 1000VA 240/480V-120/240V
SM5-24 Transformer 115V; 24V @ 5A
SM5-24-IC Transformer 115V;24V @5A w/input line
SM8-24-TC Transformer 115V;24V @8A w/one-shot TCO
SZ2-20  Transformer Xfrmr 1.1VA 115V-10/2
SZ6-28 Transformer 115V;2x14V @0.7A
SZ7-28 Transformer 115V; 2x14V@1.3A
SZ7-36 Transformer 115V;2x18V @1A
UPV24Y61 Power Supply 115V;21.4VDC @1A
UPV24Y61-240 Power Supply 240V;21.4VDC @1A
VDE-20T-18  Transformer Xfrmr 20VA 115/230V-9
VDE2-20T-18 Transformer Xfrmr 20VA 230V-9/18V
VDE2-56L-24  Transformer Xfrmr 56VA 230V-12/24