Low Profile Printed Circuit

FlatZtran FZ-24

Product Features

  •    Single Primary - 24V, 50/60Hz
  •     Low profile - 0.65" for 2.5VA for 6VA, 1.06" for 12VA
  •     Non-concentric windings, low capacitive coupling, no electrostatic shield needed
  •     Hum-bucking semi-toroidal construction; balanced windings and reduced radiated magnetic field
  •     Class B insulation - 130°C
  •     1500Vrms hipot
  •     Applications include HVAC-R Instrumentation and low-input voltage
  •     Designed to meet UL/CSA

The FlatZtran with its non-concentric windings provides high isolation. The semi-toroidal construction reduces the radiated magnetic field and humming. 1500Vrms hipot is standard.


The FlatZtran is ideal for height critical PC board designs. Applications include:

  •     On-board DC power supplies, single or dual outputs
  •     Isolated control circuits
  •     Reference power supplies
  •     Semiconductor control and instrumentation
  •     Low input voltage (e.g. 24V, custom 12V input also available)
  •     HVAC-R instrumentation
  •     Low voltage/high isolation circuits (e.g. power supplies)

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoSizeSecondary RMS Rating (Series)Secondary RMS Rating (Parallel )Data Sheet 
FZ12-200-24212.6VCT @ 200MA6.3V @ 400MA-Nil-Check Price
FZ12-450-24612.6VCT @ 450MA6.3V @ 900MA-Nil-Check Price
FZ12-900-241212.6VCT @ 900MA6.3V @ 1.80A-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

21.871.560.6501.6000.3750.375.041 x .0205
61.871.560.8501.6000.3750.375.041 x .0207
122.502.001.0652.0000.5000.500.041 x .02011