Low Profile Printed Circuit

FlatZtran FZ-24

Single Primary 24VAC Low Profile Printed Circuit includes 10VAC, 12VAC, 16VAC, 20VAC, 24VAC, 30VAC, 34VAC, 40VAC, 56VAC, 88VAC, 120VAC, 230VAC Voltage. Available for Printed circuit boards, Low Profile and chassis mount assembly. 6VA to 12VA Power Rating. Designed to meet UL/CSA. Step up Isolation Transformer.

Product Features

  •    Single Primary - 24V, 50/60Hz
  •     Low profile - 0.65" for 2.5VA for 6VA, 1.06" for 12VA
  •     Non-concentric windings, low capacitive coupling, no electrostatic shield needed
  •     Hum-bucking semi-toroidal construction; balanced windings and reduced radiated magnetic field
  •     Class B insulation - 130°C
  •     1500Vrms hipot
  •     Applications include HVAC-R Instrumentation and low-input voltage
  •     Designed to meet UL/CSA

The FlatZtran with its non-concentric windings provides high isolation. The semi-toroidal construction reduces the radiated magnetic field and humming. 1500Vrms hipot is standard.


The FlatZtran is ideal for height critical PC board designs. Applications include:

  •     On-board DC power supplies, single or dual outputs
  •     Isolated control circuits
  •     Reference power supplies
  •     Semiconductor control and instrumentation
  •     Low input voltage (e.g. 24V, custom 12V input also available)
  •     HVAC-R instrumentation
  •     Low voltage/high isolation circuits (e.g. power supplies)

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoSizeSecondary RMS Rating (Series)Secondary RMS Rating (Parallel )Data Sheet 
FZ40-60-24240VCT @ 60MA20V @ 120MA-Nil-Check Price
FZ40-150-24640VCT @ 150MA20V @ 300MA-Nil-Check Price
FZ40-300-241240VCT @ 300MA20V @ 600MA-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

21.871.560.6501.6000.3750.375.041 x .0205
61.871.560.8501.6000.3750.375.041 x .0207
122.502.001.0652.0000.5000.500.041 x .02011