International Transformer Panel Mount

WorldPower Series Panel Mount P41

Product Features

  •     Power Rating 25VA to 175VA
  •     Dielectric strength - 4000VRMS
  •     Single or Dual primaries (115/230V - 50/60Hz)
  •     Series or Parallel secondaries
  •     Electrosatic Shield - Not required, dual bobbin
  •     Solder lug/quick connect terminals
  •     Class F insulation
  •     Flammability Rating - Bobbin/Shroud UL 94V0
  •     American and Canadian agency approvals; File #E180353
  •     CE marked

Transformers meet international safety standards by providing high isolation, clearance, and increased flammability ratings. Chassis mounting style.  

Agency Approvals

SelectPart NoVA (Size)Secondery RMS Rating (Series)Secondery RMS Rating (Parallel)Data Sheet 
P41-25-23025230V C.T. @ 0.11A115V @ 0.22A-Nil-Check Price
P41-43-23043230V C.T. @ 0.19A115V @ 0.38A-Nil-Check Price
P41-80-23080230V C.T. @ 0.35A115V @ 0.7A-Nil-Check Price
P41-130-230130230V C.T. @ 0.57A115V @ 1.14A-Nil-Check Price
P41-175-230175230V C.T. @ 0.76115V @ 1.52A-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

(VA) SizeLWHABCTerminalsMTG StyleMLMWMtg ScrewWGT
252.81" 71.4mm1.87" 47.6mm2.31" 58.7mm2.00" 50.8mm 1.12" 28.6mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmC2.37" 80.3mm- -#61.25lbs 0.57kg
433.12" 79.4mm2.06" 52.3mm2.68" 68.2mm2.25" 57.2mm1.12" 28.6mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmC2.81" 71.4mm- -#61.6lbs 0.73kg
802.5" 63.5mm2.37" 60.3mm3.0" 76.2mm- -1.37" 35.0mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmB2.00" 50.8mm2.18" 55.5mm#62.8lbs 1.27kg
1302.81" 71.4mm 2.87" 73.0mm3.37" 85.7mm- -1.62" 41.3mm.37" 9.5mm0.25" 6.35mmB2.25" 57.2mm2.50" 63.5mm#84.1lbs 1.86kg
1753.12" 79.4mm2.87" 73.0mm3.75" 95.3mm- -1.62" 41.3mm.37" 9.5mm0.25" 6.35mmB2.50" 63.5mm2.50" 63.5mm#85.5lbs 2.49kg