IsoZtran PDU and PSU

Step-Up/Step-Down, Chassis Mount, Isolation Transformer and Auto-Transformer manufactured by PowerVolt. All four windings are rated at 0/104/110/120V for the PDU series. For the PSU series the secondary are rated at 0/208/220/240V.Power Range 250VA, 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 5KVA, higher KVA when used Auto-transformer. Electrostatic shield used to minimize electrostatic coupling.

Product Features

  • Step-up or step-down isolation transformer
  •  Field selectable taps allow many possible voltage ratings
  •  Industry grade, conservative and reliable design
  •  2500V r.m.s. hipot is standard
  •  Dual primaries and secondary permit series or parallel operation on either primary or secondary
  •  Autotransformer operation possible be connecting primaries and secondary in series
  •  Maximum 55°C rise above ambient

The IsoZtran series PDU and PSU reflects a creative design from PowerVolt and provides an unparalleled flexibility in isolation transformers. The IsoZtran features identical dual primary and secondary design. All four windings are rated at 0/104/110/120V for the PDU series. For the PSU series the secondary are rated at 0/208/220/240V. This allows a nominal operation at 110 to 110 volts, 220 to 220 volts, 110 to 220 volts or 220 to 110 volts. Additionally, the IsoZtran can be operated as an autotransformer by connecting a primary group in series with a secondary group, which permits nominal operation at 440 to 220 or 220 to 440 volts.

To further enhance the flexibility, the electrostatic shields are provided grounded to the core using a lug connection, which may be opened if an ungrounded operation is required.

The isolation transformers are used where a direct connection between the primary and secondary circuits is not desired and the circuits must be isolated. However in addition to the isolating advantages, an electrostatic shield is added to minimize capacitive coupling between the primary and secondary circuits. This helps to minimize the transfer of unwanted power line transients and interference from other sources connected to the power line by capacitive coupling to the secondary circuit.

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoVASecondary (Series Volts)Secondary (Series Amps)Secondary (Parallel Volts)Secondary (Parallel Amps)Data Sheet 
PSU-2502500/416/440/4800.550/208/220/2401.1-Nil-Check Price
PSU-5005000/416/440/4801.150/208/220/2402.3-Nil-Check Price
PSU-100010000/416/440/4802.250/208/220/2404.5-Nil-Check Price
PSU-200020000/416/440/4804.50/208/220/2409-Nil-Check Price
PSU-300030000/416/440/48070/208/220/24014-Nil-Check Price
PSU-500050000/416/440/48011.50/208/220/24023-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

Size VALWHMLMWMtg & Term ScrewWt. (Lbs.)
2505 5/164 1/45 1/44 3/82 1/2#1012
5005 5/165 5/165 1/44 3/83 5/8#1018
10007 9/166 1/47 1/46 3/44 1/80.2533
20007 9/168 1/47 1/46 3/460.2556
30007 9/169 1/47 1/46 3/470.2570
50007 9/1610 3/47 1/46 3/48 1/20.2589