Power Supplies

Linear Regulated DC Power Supplies (Single)

2VDC Output, Linear open frame regulated DC Power Supplies. Input voltages range from 100/117/220/230/240 Volts and 208/240 and 480VAC input models. UL/CUL approved and CE marked. 480VAC models used so our customers can leverage factory line voltages and eliminate need of step-up or step-down transformers. Additional options include terminal blocks, spacers, fuses and over voltage protection.

Product Features

  • Single, dual and triple outputs
  • Input: 100/117/220/230-240 VAC or 208/240/480 VAC
  • Rated full load at 50°C
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Remote sense compensates for line drop and assures voltage at the load
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overvoltage protection (OVP) standard on 5V main outputs
  • Open sense lead protection
  • Designed to meet domestic and international safety standards
  • 2 year warranty

The International Series BVA
The BVA series is the premium grade, open frame line of linear DC power supplies. Designed to operate over a wide range of AC power sources found worldwide, the BVA series is especially suited to OEM applications where cost savings is a significant factor. The field selectable universal input (100/117/220/230-240 VAC) reduces your inventory cost by allowing you to use just one standard model regardless of destination.

Value Added Services

PowerVolt offers a wide variety of value added services and design features to meet your application requirements. The first and foremost service we offer is our flexibility to design custom units for your application. Other features include, but are not limited to, terminal blocks, mounting spacers, fuse and fuse holders, line cords, etc. Please contact your local factory representative, distributor or factory direct for quotations.


Screw Terminals (T):  Solder terminals standard.  Add "T" for screw terminals, 20A/300V.

Overvoltage Protection (OVP): OVP is standard on all 5V main outputs.  Add "OVP" to part number for individual OVP module on other modesl up to 36VDC outputs.

Mounting Spacers: (S): For mounting spacers on any one surface add "S"  to part number.  Not available on FS and GS case sizes.

Input Fuse (F): For input fuse and fuse holder add "F" to part number.

Line Cord (C): For input line cord add "C" to part number.

Surge Absorber (M): Input MOV 150V for line volrage of 100-117VAC; and 320V for line voltage of 220-240VAC.


AC Input:
Standard models: field selectable taps for 100/117/220/230-240 VAC ±10%; 47-63 Hz. For 50 Hz operation derate output by 10%.
"480" models:208/240/480 VAC ±10%; 47-63 Hz.
See chassis ID label for jumper and line fusing requirements.

DC Output:
See Selection guide for voltage / current ratings. The output is floating; either positive or negative terminal can be grounded. Output range is ±10%, except variable 10-18V outputs.

Line Regulation:
±0.05% for 10% line change

Load Regulation:
±0.05% for 50% load change

Thermal Regulation:

±0.02% per °C maximum, ±0.005% per °C typical

Output Ripple:
2 mV RMS maximum, 3 mV P-P

Dynamic Response:

30 µS for 50% load change

±0.3% for 24 hour period after 1 hour warm-up

Short Circuit and Overload Protection:

Feedback current limiting, set at 120% of nominal

Overvoltage Protection:

Crowbar overvoltage protection is standard on all 5VDC main outputs and is factory set at 6.2V±0.4V (fixed). Optional OVP module adjustable from 4.5 to 36V is available for other models.

Remote Sensing:
Standard on all models above 30 watts. Remote sensing will compensate for a cable drop of 0.25V. Protected against open or shorted sense leads. Twisted pair sense leads are recommended.

5V units: 45%; 12 and 15V units: 55%; 24V and higher units: 60%

Operating Temperature:
0°C to 50°C full rated load, derate linearly to 40% at 70°C. See derating chart.

Storage Temperature:

-55°C to +85°C

Per MIL-STD-810B, Method 514, Procedure 1, Curve AB (to 50 Hz)


Per MIL-STD-810B, Method 516, Procedure V

Safety Standards:

UL, CSA and CE Recognized (480 VAC Input Models are designed to meet)

Clear aluminum chassis. Chassis also serves as heat sink.

Units can be mounted on several surfaces. Mounting holes will accept "press-fit" #6-32 threaded fasteners. For efficient cooling, allow unrestricted air flow. Forced air cooling may be recommended.

Datasheet PDF

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart No Case SizeOutputInputData Sheet 
BVA-28AS0.5AS28V @ 0.5A100/117/220/230-240 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28AS1AS28V @ 1A100/117/220/230-240 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28BS2BS28V @ 2A100/117/220/230-240 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28CS3CS28V @ 3A100/117/220/230-240 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28DS4DS28V @ 4A100/117/220/230-240 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28ES6ES28V @ 6A100/117/220/230-240 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28FS10FS28V @ 10A100/117/220/230-240 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28AS0.5-480AS28V @ 0.5A208/240/480 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28AS1-480AS28V @ 1A208/240/480 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28BS2-480BS28V @ 2A208/240/480 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28CS3-480CS28V @ 3A208/240/480 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28DS4-480DS28V @ 4A208/240/480 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28ES6-480ES28V @ 6A208/240/480 VAC-Nil-Check Price
BVA-28FS10-480FS28V @ 10A208/240/480 VAC-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

No mechanical dimensions available