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Unregulated Open Frame DC Power Supplies BVU

Unregulated Open Frame DC power supplies with different desired Outputs- 7V, 12V, 16V, 20V, 24V, 45V, 48V, 65V, 72V, 75V, 120V, 250V. Unregulated Power Supplies used for applications where regulation is not essential, such as Servo motors, Automation Equipment and stepping motors. UL/CUL approved. CE marked. Input 120/240VAC, 47-63Hz. We offer replacement models for various major brands.

Product Features


  •     Low cost unregulated DC power supplies
  •     Field selectable input taps 103/115/126/207/230/253 VAC for fine-tuning output to match actual field conditions
  •     Improved ripple - 3% maximum
  •     Fuse protected output
  •     Computer grade capacitors
  •     Floating output provides versatility for wiring
  •     Safety Agency Approvals BVU Series:

       -UL 1950, third edition, File #E181899
       -CSA, C22.2 No.950, File #E181899
       -CE Marked

The BVU Series of unregulated DC power supplies is the best low cost alternative, where moderate output variations and AC ripple are acceptable. The field selectable input taps allow fine tuning the output voltage to match actual field conditions. The DC output is fused for short circuit protection. For maximum versatility, the output is floating and may be referenced to another low voltage common ground or placed in series with other DC power supplies.
    DC Motors - Stepping and Servos
    Solenoid values
    Lamps and Signal Systems
    Input to 3-terminal on-board regulators
    Some Floppy Disk Drives


    AC input:

    115/230VAC, 50/60Hz nominal.
    Field selectable taps for ±10%. High line tolerance on voltage is +10%

    DC Output:
    Floating fixed output at full load ratings (see table). Transformer taps provided for approx. 10% output voltage adjustment.

    3% rms maximum at normal line and full rated load

    Operating Temperature:

    0-50°C(Derate 2% per °C to 70°C)

    Overload and Short Circuit Protection:
    Fused output. It should be noted that the fuse is not necessarily direct in line with the output. In most models the fuse is prior to the output capacitor and in case of a short circuit, the capacitor energy will be discharged into the load even if the fuse has opened.

Datasheet PDF 1

Datasheet PDF 2

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoTypical DC OutputData Sheet 
BVU-20AU0.7519.8V @ 0.75A-Nil-Check Price
BVU-20BU1.519.8V @ 1.5A-Nil-Check Price
BVU-20DU519.8V @ 5A-Nil-Check Price
BVU-20EU1019.8V @ 10A-Nil-Check Price
BVU-20CU319.8V @ 3A-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

Case SizeABoB1CDEFGH(dia)Wt (lbs)
EU8.107.506.90.25 3.883.80.305.00.2612.2