Industrial Control Transformers

Group: M
Input: 240/480V
Output: 28V
Power: 25 to 350VA

240VAC and 480VAC step down control transformer to secondary voltage of 28VAC or customizable upon your request. Power Rating 25VA to 1500VA. Voltage regulation exceeds NEMA standards.

Product Features

  • Primary Voltage: 240/480V
  • Secondary Voltage: 28VAC
  • Power Rating 25VA to 350VA
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • High inrush current capability
  • Voltage regulation exceeds NEMA standards
  • IEC "Touch proof" terminals
  • International input/output voltages
  • Copper coils for excellent thermal characteristics
  • Insulation Class B (130°C)
  • Optiontal input/output fuse
  • 10 year warranty

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectVA RatingSecondaryPart NoData Sheet 
2528CT0025-M00-Nil-Check Price
5028CT0050-M00-Nil-Check Price
7528CT0075-M00-Nil-Check Price
10028CT0100-M00-Nil-Check Price
15028CT0150-M00-Nil-Check Price
15028CT0150-M00-Nil-Check Price
20028CT0200-M00-Nil-Check Price
25028CT0250-M00-Nil-Check Price
30028CT0300-M00-Nil-Check Price
35028CT0350-M00-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

No mechanical dimensions available