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Configurable Control Transformers

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Product Features

Custom Control Transformers

  • Features
    • Create your own configuration
    • Fingersafe terminal blocks (configurable to accommodate various wire gauges)
    • Class B insulations (130°C)
    • Available with single or dual primaries or secondaries
    • Input Voltages Available: 110/120/208/220/230/240/277/347/280/400/415/440/460/480/550
    • Output Voltages Available: 12, 23, 24, 25, 28, 95, 115, 120, 230, 240, 277
    • Frequency 50/60Hz
    • VA range varies: 25VA-1.5KVA
    • 10 year warranty
  • Benefits:
    • Consolidate your current control transformers
    • Reduce SKU count and improve your inventory management
    • Fingersafe terminals eliminate need to buy additional covers
    • Competitive prices for OEM, high volume customers
    • Stocking and supply chain programs available upon request
  • Options:
    • Fuses (slo-blo or CC Style)
    • CC style fuse block cover (with and without indicators)
    • Wire Leads instead of terminal blocks.
  • Please contact factory for part number selection and availability at                      (630) 628-9999 or

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