How to Select a Power Supply

There are times when you need a power supply but you don't have a part number to reference. You know the end application but you have many power supplies to choose from. How do you determine what type of supply to purchase? Here are some hints to make your search easier.



Power Level 8-650 Watts 30-10 Watts
Size Larger Smaller
Weight Heavier Lighter
Output Ripple          <5 mV <50 mV
Temperature Runs Warm Runs Cool
AC Input 115/230 VAC or 240/480 VAC      82-264 VAC
Efficiency 50% 75%
Cost Lower Higher
Reliability Higher Lower
Design Simple Complex
EMI Noise Lower Higher
Regulation 0.05% Typical 0.2 to 0.5% Typical     



If you are still unsure about the correct Power Supply to fit your application, no problem. Please give Our Application Engineer at 1-888-PWR-VOLT. We will be glad to help you select the PowerVolt Product that's right for you. We try to do the best for our customers.