Power Transformers Made in USA

PowerVolt Announces “Made in USA" Power Transformers in compliance to:


Since PowerVolt Group started our business, we have proudly made our product in the USA. We have managed our global supply chain to remain competitive. In addition to overseas manufacturing and increased customer demand for “Made in the USA” power transformers and linear DC power supplies, we have long offered the “Made in USA” option to our customers.


This applies to all of our Power Transformers (class 1, class 2, isolation, control and general purpose) and linear DC power supplies. Ranging from 1VA to 40KVA 50/60 and/or 400 Hz. Please let us know if yoneed your product quoted and “Made in the USA” and we will quote your requirement accordingly.


Please visit our website, call or email us with your requirements and let us know if you need “made in the USA” marked product(s).



  • Government
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Navy
  • Aviation
  • Public Buildings
  • Public Utilities
  • Building Automation
  • Lighting Automation
  • Airport and Highway Improvement
  • Railroad and locomotives
  • Amplifiers
  • HVAC-R
  • Step up or Step down International Voltages (e.g. appliances)


Benefits of “Buying American”:

  • Domestic job creation.
  • Recycling U.S. Dollars
  • Beautify America (adherence to domestic environmental policies and regulations)
  • Petroleum conservation (no need to ship via cargo ships overseas)
  • Support U.S.A. Human Rights policies and regulations.
  • Go to this link for further information: Madeintheusa.Com


Benefits of Using PowerVolt Group:

  • Highly experienced staff of engineers (over 180 yrs. of cumulative design and engineering experience).
  • Standard (off-the-shelf) and custom products.
  • Short lead times on production quantities (stock to two weeks)
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Cost competitive quotes.
  • Global supply chain provides riskfree and reliable product(s) design and delivery.
  • Minority owned/US supplier in support of American Recovery Act.
  • SAM/CCR registered
  • 2 year standard product warranty

PowerVolt Group has been producing quality custom and pre-designed transformers and linear DC power supplies since 1986. Our Quality Policy is simple, and effective:


  1. A) Compliance to Requirements.
  2. B) Continual Improvement.
  3. C) Personal Pride in our Work.


Feel free to take advantage of our standard off-the-shelf models or let us customize a transformer to your particular needs. Either way, you’ve come to the right place