Power Supplies

StepperPowerTM BVU

DC Power Supplies for Servo, Stepping Motors and other Unregulated Power Supplies.

Product Features

  • Full compatible with Pacific Scientific (and other) stepping motor
  • driver series 5200, 5300, 5400, 6400
  • Space saving compact modules provide mounting studs for motor drivers
  • Integral motor and logic-power (where applicable)
  • Models to drive one or two motors
  • 120VAC or 240VAC models; input taps to match actual line voltages
  • Custom units available



AC input:
120V AC, 50/60Hz nominal; taps at 126V AC and 132V AC
(optional 240V AC input with taps at 252V AC and 264V AC)
DC Output:
See Standard Models table
3% r.m.s. maximum at nominal line and full rated load
Operating Temperature:
0°C to 50°C full rated load (derate 2% per 0°C to 70°C)
Storage Temperature:
(-)250°C to 85°C
95% Non-condensing
Logic Power:
±0.25V AC Regulation

Datasheet PDF

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoApproximate No Load (VDC)Approximate Under Load (VDC)Logic PowerData Sheet 
BVU75FU6401-170V62V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU75FU6402-170V2 x 62V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU48FU6401-157V48V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU48FU6402-157V2 x 48V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU24FU6401-129V24V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU24FU6402-129V2 x 24V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU80C588V80V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU80D888V80V @ 8ANone-Nil-Check Price
BVU130D5133V122V @ 5ANone-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

No mechanical dimensions available