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Unregulated DC Power Supplies Enclosed Case UPV

Unregulated Enclosed Case DC Power Supplies with or without fuses and terminal blocks to facilitate input and output wiring. 115 VAC input standard; optional 230 VAC input. Unregulated Power Supplies used for applications where regulation is not essential, such as Servo motors, Automation Equipment and stepping motors.

Product Features

  •     Low cost DC power; ideal for motors, relays, solenoids, lamps
  •     115 VAC input standard; optional 230 VAC input
  •     Terminal strip for easy wiring
  •     Perforated cover for efficient cooling
  •     Optional mounting ears for installation without opening up cover
  •     Fused AC input
  •     2-year warranty


Input Voltage:
0-125 VAC (variac not included) (optional 0-250 VAC), 50-400 Hz
Output Voltage:
See Standard Models table
Output Current:
See Standard Models table
See Standard Models table
Load Regulation:
Nominal output voltage is based on 115 VAC (or 230 VAC) input at approximately 50% of rated current
Line Regulation:
With fixed load, output voltage change is proportional to the input voltage change
Output Voltage Adjustment:
An adjustable autotransformer (not included) can be used to adjust output voltage by varying AC input
Output is floating, either positive or negative terminal may be grounded or floated up to 300V above ground
Ambient Temperature:
-10 to +65 °C, No derating required
Storage Temperature:
-55 to +85 °C

Datasheet PDF 1

Datasheet  PDF 2

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoCase SizeNominal Output (VDC)Output (Amps)Ripple (Vrms)Output Voltage N/L to F/L (VDC)Data Sheet 
UPV-7Y31Y371.00.87.7 to 6.3-Nil-Check Price
UPV-8Y30.4Y380.40.48.8 to 7.2-Nil-Check Price
UPV-9Y31Y391.00.79.9 to 8.1-Nil-Check Price
UPV-9Y610Y6910.02.37.7 to 6.3-Nil-Check Price
UPV-12Y31.5Y3121.52.514.9 to 10.9-Nil-Check Price
UPV-12Y610Y61210.02.314.1 to 9.8-Nil-Check Price
UPV-16Y31Y3161.00.717.6 to 14.4-Nil-Check Price
UPV-16Y610Y61610.02.318.8 to 14.2-Nil-Check Price
UPV-20Y610Y62010.02.423.7 to 18.3-Nil-Check Price
UPV-24Y31Y3241.01.726.4 to 21.6-Nil-Check Price
UPV-24Y65Y6245.02.526.5 to 21.0-Nil-Check Price
UPV-24Y610Y62410.02.426.8 to 21.4-Nil-Check Price
UPV-40Y52Y5402.01.544.0 to 36.0-Nil-Check Price
UPV-40Y65Y6405.03.345.0 to 37.0-Nil-Check Price
UPV-48Y30.4Y3480.40.652.8 to 43.2-Nil-Check Price
UPV-60Y51Y5601.02.865.3 to 53.0-Nil-Check Price
UPV-60Y30.25Y3650.250.471.5 to 58.5-Nil-Check Price
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