International Transformer Panel Mount

WorldPower Series Panel Mount P41

Product Features

  •     Power Rating 25VA to 175VA
  •     Dielectric strength - 4000VRMS
  •     Single or Dual primaries (115/230V - 50/60Hz)
  •     Series or Parallel secondaries
  •     Electrosatic Shield - Not required, dual bobbin
  •     Solder lug/quick connect terminals
  •     Class F insulation
  •     Flammability Rating - Bobbin/Shroud UL 94V0
  •     American and Canadian agency approvals; File #E180353
  •     CE marked

Transformers meet international safety standards by providing high isolation, clearance, and increased flammability ratings. Chassis mounting style.  

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoVA (Size)Secondery RMS Rating (Series)Secondery RMS Rating (Parallel)Data Sheet 
P41-25-102510V C.T. @ 2.5A5V @ 5.0A-Nil-Check Price
P41-43-104310V C.T @ 4.3A5V @ 8.6A-Nil-Check Price
P41-80-108010V C.T @ 8.0A5V @ 16.0A-Nil-Check Price
P41-130-1013010V C.T. @ 13.0A5V @ 26.0A-Nil-Check Price
P41-175-1017510V C.T @ 17.5A5V @ 35.0A-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

(VA) SizeLWHABCTerminalsMTG StyleMLMWMtg ScrewWGT
252.81" 71.4mm1.87" 47.6mm2.31" 58.7mm2.00" 50.8mm 1.12" 28.6mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmC2.37" 80.3mm- -#61.25lbs 0.57kg
433.12" 79.4mm2.06" 52.3mm2.68" 68.2mm2.25" 57.2mm1.12" 28.6mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmC2.81" 71.4mm- -#61.6lbs 0.73kg
802.5" 63.5mm2.37" 60.3mm3.0" 76.2mm- -1.37" 35.0mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmB2.00" 50.8mm2.18" 55.5mm#62.8lbs 1.27kg
1302.81" 71.4mm 2.87" 73.0mm3.37" 85.7mm- -1.62" 41.3mm.37" 9.5mm0.25" 6.35mmB2.25" 57.2mm2.50" 63.5mm#84.1lbs 1.86kg
1753.12" 79.4mm2.87" 73.0mm3.75" 95.3mm- -1.62" 41.3mm.37" 9.5mm0.25" 6.35mmB2.50" 63.5mm2.50" 63.5mm#85.5lbs 2.49kg