International Transformer Panel Mount

WorldPower Series Panel Mount P413

PowerVolt International Triple Output Chassis Mount Power Transformers for Power Supplies. Manufactured on split bobbin design to provide higher isolation creepage and clearance to comply with International Safety Agency Standards, such as TUV, VDE and CE . 4000 Vrms Hipot. Standard power ratings up to 80VA. Custom International Transformer design available. UL, CUL, CSA, CE approved. Operating frequency from 50Hz to 400Hz.

Product Features

  •     Power Rating 25VA to 80VA
  •     Dielectric strength - 4000VRMS
  •     Primaries - Dual primaries (115/230V - 50/60Hz)  Input range (100V to 130V to 260V - 50/60Hz)
  •     Secondaries - Dual complementary output  ( 5VDC with +/- 12VDC or 5VDC with +/- 15VDC)
  •     Electrosatic Shield - Not necessary, split bobbin
  •     Solder lug/quick connect terminals
  •     Leakage current to meet UL 544
  •     Class F insulation
  •     Flammability Rating - Bobbin/Shroud UL 94V0
  •     American and Canadian agency approvals; File #E180353
  •     CE marked

International triple output transformer. Frame mount with identical features as our P41 Series transformers.

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoVA (Size)DC Output Regulator 1DC Output Regulator 2C1C3IC1(3)IC2(3)IC3(3)D1(4)D2(4)Data Sheet 
P413-25-512255V @ 1.25A+/- 12V @ 150mA4.1 KMFD @ 15 VDC600 MFD @ 50 VDCLM-323K-5LM-340K-12LM-320K-12PE20PF20-Nil-Check Price
P413-25-515255V @ 1.25A+/- 15V @ 130mA4.1 KMFD @ 15 VDC600 MFD @ 50 VDCLM-323K-5LM-340K-15LM-320K-15PE20PF20-Nil-Check Price
P413-43-512435V @ 2A+/- 12V @ 300mA8 KMFD @ 15 VDC1.1 KMFD @ 50 VDCLM-323K-5LM-340K-12LM-320K-12PE20PF20-Nil-Check Price
P413-43-515435V @ 2A+/- 15V @ 250mA8 KMFD @ 15 VDC1.1 KMFD @ 50 VDCLM-323K-5LM-340K-15LM-320K-15PE20PF20-Nil-Check Price
P413-43-515805V @ 3.5A+/- 12V @ 600mA10 KMFD @ 15 VDC2.1 KMFD @ 50 VDCLM-323iLM-340K-12LM-320K-12PP20PF20-Nil-Check Price
P413-80-515805V @ 3.5A+/- 15V @ 500mA10 KMFD @ 15 VDC2.1 KMFD @ 50 VDCLM-323iLM-340K-15LM-320K-15PP20PF20-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

(VA) SizeLWHABCTerminalsMTG StyleMLMWMtg ScrewWGT
252.81" 71.4mm1.87" 47.6mm2.31" 58.7mm2.00" 50.8mm1.12" 28.6mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmC2.37" 80.3mm- -#61.25lbs 0.57kg
433.12" 79.4mm2.06" 52.3mm2.68" 68.2mm2.25" 57.2mm1.12" 28.6mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmC2.81" 71.4mm- -#61.6lbs 0.73kg
802.5" 63.5mm2.37" 60.3mm3.0" 76.2mm- -1.37" 35.0mm.31" 7.9mm.187" 4.75mmB2.00" 50.8mm2.18" 55.5mm#62.8lbs 1.27kg